Friday, April 4, 2008

One day to go

Today's stage was pretty nice. We started out on this amazing paved climb. We climbed up to get the view of the lagoon that we crossed when the tide was out and then today the tide was in. It was really spectacular. There was some dirt roads of course, but today wasn't essential for making a fast ticket. There was actually some nice singletrack. It was through the pine trees and had a lot of switchbacks. Its funny because its all about perspective. When you have to ride a lot of roads and gravel roads, then any singletrack is magnificent.

There were some cute kids asking us for chocolate, so I threw them a gel. There were also these amazing plants called Protea. It is the national plant of South Africa. Its has a big flower and is kind of prehistoric looking.

We were second again today. Its kind of like we are not racing anymore. We are just riding. The last two days have been pretty easy for me in terms of effort. Again that might just be perspective because the first two days were very, very hard for me. I don't know if I wasn't opened, too rested and still stiff from the travel. Of course, also Jenny has been pretty sick the last two stages. She is tough to pedal through it and not complain. And tomorrow is only 63Km.

We talked to Pia Sundstedt(Team Rocky Mountain) after the race today and she said that it was too hard for her and she really wasn't enjoying herself that much. I guess thats good to hear, but she is on the winning team and winning is always fun, isn't it?

So thanks for reading. There are actually two more stages...the party and then the trip back to Cape Town in the RV.


  1. I wish I could just ride like you! You got it going on! Thanks for keeping us informed!
    It is just such an amazing opportunity. I hope Jenny is feeling better. Ride to the podium!
    Love you,

  2. yes
    it is all about perspective

    I live in the heart of washington dc
    so any time my tires touch dirt... I think I am mountain biking

    so when I actually go mountain biking
    any real trail network has the potential for an epic day

    now AFRICA!
    this cape epic sounds like a guaranteed epic

    enjoy the rest of the race
    I am enjoying reading about it

  3. Hi Sue, It is great to read about your racing and travels. We're cheering for you! Hugs, Joe and Beth Hestick