Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Givin it horns

People have been saying 'give it horns'. I guess that means give it all you got. Or be the bull or something. Well, we did give it a big effort today and won the stage. It was a massive amount of good fortune for us that a massive amount of bad fortune fell upon the Rocky girls in the form of three flat tires. They caught back on two out of three times. We beat them in by two minutes. So we are still in second by about an hour. I think they might want to unload a can of you know what. But tomorrow looks like its all about finding a 'fast ticket'...that means a good bunch of guys to draft on.

also the we saw Spring boks and giant beetles today.

Towards the end of the race, I asked Jenny how she felt and she said don't ask me that now. I took that as not very good.


  1. Nice job, I am thinking about you, wish it was me out there. Enjoy the experience, sounds like you are.

    Miss you, be safe

  2. sounds exciting

    like the old battles between Cane Creek and the Trek East Coast Factory team at the early 24 Hours of Canaan races

  3. What ever you're giving carry on doing it because it seems to be working.