Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going Dutch

I've spent the past week in the lowland country of the Netherlands. More people ride here than anywhere else that I have ever been. Its awesome. We were in Amsterdam yesterday and I was shocked at how fast people ride their town bikes there. Its bordering on chaotic,but I didn't see any wrecks or accidents. Its a good thing that the bikes here make so much noise because if you are a pedestrian, you are constantly on the lookout for whizzing bikes.

I got to do a race in Oldenzaal. It was pretty fun. I didn't do very well. I once again couldn't find the cleat on my very stiff shoes and then didn't have killer instict to cut everyone else off before we quickly hit the sand sections. My legs felt pretty good on the flat fast course, but only managed a measly 7th place. It is a little tough to make the switch from high tempo riding of the mountainbike stage races, to the VO2 efforts needed for cross country racing. It was great to get a race in, regardless of how much sand was in it. I then got to watch my nephew Alex play a waterpolo game. He is really good and its a popular activity here.

Its really nice staying with family. Europe isn't all that different than the states, but something about here makes me sleepy and extra nervous for bike racing. Being with family relaxes me. And of course the availablilty of good chocolate is very soothing.

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