Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frederick Watershed

We had a great ride in the snow at the Frederick Watershed. We especially loved the Iceberg Trail. I look forward to riding it without snow because the snow made it a little easier.

Then we went to Chris Eatough's retirement party. That was great to see him so happy. He said he is too happy and busy to miss bike racing. With two kids, a beautiful wife and the commuter coordinator for the city of Arlington, VA and coaching, he has his plate full. There were some great pics that all his friends brought to view. Good times. He set the bar high with his meticulousness and consistency in training and racing.

I got to train with JV Squad one day this week and that was very fun. JV Squad is surprisingly fit for December! And very on top of it with their new faggy kits.

Happy 50th to Charlie Waters and Ruth Melnick! I can't believe it and I'm sure they can't either.

Friday, December 4, 2009

AM Riding

Getting up early to ride mountain bikes on a chilly morning with friends is awesome. Thanks for the cafe crew for getting me up and sweating up Chimney Hollow and down Heartbrake. That climb is like doing 500 leg presses to me. It takes some strong levarage even though the traction is good. The downhill was sketchy fun, too.

I got a nice crash sequence of the Men's Leader. He is riding good, anyway, and has a new sponsor. But we'll have to wait for the press release.

For some reason, Kurt (or the artist know as K-Art) got a triple collection of flats. He thinks its him, but we all think its his equipment.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poison Ivy and more

Who gets Poison Ivy in December? I do! I've gotten more poison ivy this year than ever before. And I'm a scratcher. This time, I think it was still on a pair of pants that I wore when we were cleaning up the yard a month ago. So now I have it all around my waist band. Ugh!

But Jack Frost party is this weekend and hopefully a little sliding around, too.

Congrats to Harrisonburg for winning the Blue Ridge Cup Cyclocross Series and winning this sweet trophy.