Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Its what I like

I know that sometimes it doesn't seem like I like all this brutal , epic, knarly stuff...but I do. Its just like Jenny said, "I signed up for this". There were some parts of the Cape Epic that were less than enjoyable and certainly very hard, but its the stuff that I love and that makes me feel alive. Taking things to the limits is what helps us to know what our limits are.

It also gets a bit addicting. For example, this week the only thing on the agenda is rest and recovery. This involves sleeping a bit more, eating good food and easy 1-1:30 rides. And some souvenir shopping. This sound great, huh? It is for sure, but its hard to go from a week like last week to this week. In some ways, I crave the hard and exciting days. I'm not getting an endorphines or adreneline so it can be a bit of a letdown. Its crazy. I sometimes wonder how I will handle that when I retire from racing.

Actually, I have gotten a little adreneline spike riding through downtown capetown in the afternoons. Its not a big city, but it has some mad drivers and strange traffic patterns. And they drive on the left side!

I am here until Friday with Jenny and Jeremiah. They are both staying on after I leave. They are heading to Stellenbosch to resume training. I am headed to the Netherlands to stay with my sister Mary, brother in law, Pieter, niece, Susan and my nephew, Alex. Nothing beats being able to stay with family while in another country. They are taking me to my next two races as well.

I got a bunch of Rooibos tea today. It is one of the very unique products that South Afica produces. Wine is another, but I won't be taking any of that back home. The food here is really good quality. The citrus is amazing and the apples are being harvested now.

Sorry, still no pics. I forgot my camera cable and hope to get one in the airport or maybe my sister has a matching one.

I'm bummed to be missing the Harrisonburg dinner party at chrisscottistan and the famous Harris-Roubaix. At least I'll be racing in near the real Roubaix. Big hi to all the burgers!

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  1. congrats on an excellent race and what I am sure was an excellent adventure!