Monday, December 5, 2011

30th year of Jack Frosting

I headed over to West Virginia with a load of wood and lots of anticipation to see friends at the White Grass Jack Frost party. I decided to try "Corridor H" otherwise know as Rt55/48. It is a bit of a hassle getting there from Harrisonburg. I went through Fulks Run, Matthias and then Lost River. I picked it up in Baker. It is a highway with gorgeous scenery and not many curves. There aren't many cars on it. I guess that will take some time and before we know it, there will be too many cars on it. It goes all the way to Knobley Road and then stops.You can see construction of the next sections in the distance It will go to Davis one day soon. I get that bittersweet feeling between making life easier and then destroying beautiful mountain land. It doesn't make the drive quicker from the burg, at least not yet.

We brought wood into the basement for our "cross training"...squat, load, lift, squat, lift. To bad, it was all split because using an axe would definitely give my core some sore! Donna and Brett are new iceboxers and they like "sleeping cold" so they will be great new additons to the co-op.

Tomi and I had skifever, so we went over to White Grass where the snow is there and it has to be used. White Grass where it is always skiable. White Grass where if your sliding, your smiling. White Grass where they farm snow. We got some rounds in on the snowfarm. Sliding and skating on a ribbon of snow, with brown all around us. It was fun to get back to that ever entertaining idea of kick and glide.

The Jack Frost party is the opening party for White Grass. It is always a big party because the fun of nordic skiing and Chipper are infectious. Chipper and his family are american nordic royalty with genuine mountain hospitality. It always great to see old friends at the party and then see them later in the winter after a big dump.

The crew went biking the next day. It was wild with snow on the ground and us in short sleeves. The mountain biking in canaan is so fun and very unique. It has something for everyone. It was wet and muddy, though. What do you expect with 75 inches of rain so far this year!

And of course, riding a fixed gear mountain bike up in Canaan is a blast!