Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday ride in Sedona

The locals are real friendly and pretty much rabid about their mountain biking. That devotion doesn't necessarily translate to speed, but it can. We were wanting to experience some of the locals rides so we joined the Mountain Bike Heaven Sunday group ride. The boys had taken a liken to Rama Jon, the owner. He is a NOD( gnarly old dude) and has lived in Sedona over 20 years. We've heard he knows all the vortex doors and we believe it because he would be riding behind us and then appear in front of us.

Rama and the rest of the crew were worried that we were racers into a fast training ride. We tried to say that we were on the ride because we wanted some socializing with the locals. The ride did start out pretty mellow and then we got to Special Ed trail. We told them that we had actually already ridden Special Ed, twice, so they generously offered to take us on something else. We were excited.

We crossed 89 and headed over to Ledge and Airy(Ledgnedairy) Wes was amazing showing us the lines over fun rock jumps and up steep little grunts. We loved this trail because it had crazy exposure, tiny loose tread and big rocks. It was gorgeous and gave me some good adrenaline. There was a crazy steep roll in rock that was an awesome view spot.

The mbh crew then took us up Tim's wash. This was the most technical trail that we have ridden because you had to keep it rolling and do step ups and gaps. The trails was mostly flat and some sand spots. The boys did great, playing around on tough spots and session spots they just found fun. Wes played around a lot and Johnny and crazy Dave liked to do some hucking.

We had another great day in Sedona. It feels so good to riding daily again...like a pro.

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