Sunday, January 9, 2011

7 degrees felt like 15

There was a good group of daytrippers over to White Grass today. It felt so good to get a long day of skiing in. We got second tracks(thanks chagakhan!) on the slope and warmed up with 5 or 6 up and downs. Then off to the pipeline for some nice powder runs and xcing up the Nordic National, over to the Breakfast bowl Flatrock Bow, Springer Meadows, and more slope turning.

I recently saw an ad for Madshus skis that advertised for their cross country downhill ski. I love that term because even tough I love to make tele turns, I still consider what I do to be cross country downhilling...kinda like super d or all mountain.

Its amazing how warm going up hill can keep you and then the thrill of going down keeps me warm, too. So when is 7 degrees out, it really feels like 15!

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