Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chillaxing in the Vortexes

Did you know that Sedona is anodes spelt backwards. They call that a palandrome. Anodes are a term relating to electrical currents. Sedona is considered to be an area of undeniable spiritual vibrations. Sedona is alive with Vortexes. We call them Vorteesees. In fact there are more vorteesees in Sedona than anywhere else on earth. A Vortex is a "power spot" where a great amount of energy emits from the earth. Healing seems to be a theme here.

If there are strong psychic vibrations here they must have a positive effect on the population and the tourists. People have been friendly and open. Especially the other trail uses that we have met. And by the way we have only seen two other bikers on the trails and all the rest happy hikers. We even smelled sage on the trail today while someone was on a healing walk.

We continue to have fun and are for sure charged up. We are eating chips and salsa every day. Jennifer is practicing wheelies morning and evening. Nate is taking good pictures and doing big drops. Tim is getting his Jedi balance back and Collin's world just busted wide open. I'm riding the downhills fast and sporting some big Arizona pinstripes(scratches from cacti and cat claw)

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