Monday, January 24, 2011

89B on the outskirts of Sedona

We made it to Sedona and our entourage has been camping out in National Forest on 89B. It is a beautiful spot. One morning Tim walked up on the hill with Ruby and saw some hot air balloons flying over head. It was a magical moment. Craig "mountainbiking in all 50 states" Bierly turned us on to the camp spot. The moon rise over camp and the stars have been real "out west" moments.

Craig took us on a good ride in Carroll Canyon, Pyramid, Special Ed and Ridge. He has GPS tracks of all his rides, so he has the cool trail beta. Collin, Tim, Nate and Jennifer are a blast to ride with. We have adapted quickly to the ledge and drop riding, as well as the exposure combined with the cactus. We are loving mountain biking in the warm weather and meeting fellow bike riders.

We have moved in to our new diggs down by the river. We are at the base of Schnebly Hill by Oak Creek. We are missing our sunny spot in the wild, but we can ride right from here and get on singletrack. And that is one of the best things about Sedona is that there is so much singletrack that is all accessible from town by bike.

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