Monday, January 17, 2011

15 hours of Syllamo

We are in Arkansas! Syllamo to be precise. Say it like Sillamo. It is the Folk music capital of the world. We must be encountering our first vortex of the trip. The pull to get here was strong...driving 15 hours through the night on lots of straight roads. We made it and met with Andrea and had a good breakfast at Country Time. There were photos of Folk Music heros and me and Nate had a country Bologna Sandwich Platter. The bad road burn continued.

Andrea dealt with our bad road burn and let us sleep for a couple hours and then woke us up to ride. When she knocked on the door, I got a flashback of being in Europe at a race and having our manager wake us up to go training. Jet lag is for real and the pull of sleep after a sleepless night on the road was strong. But getting to see a bit of the Syllamo MTB trails was the right thing to do.

Situated on the banks of the White River, this is a mountain bike specific trail system. Andrea was on her Niner singlespeed and is a good rider. The rest of us were brought back to life with the first downhill on the Bald Scrappy loop. That orange blaze downhill was awesome. Its been too long, and it felt awesome to be back on the bike.

There was a nice mix of rocks and smooth singletrack. There were nice short climbs and fun downhills. There were some rocks and what made them so difficult was if they were wet, they were like ice.

Andrea made us some homemade mac and cheese with sweet potatoes and the sleepy eyes are on. Time for bed to get ready for tomorrow's adventure in this part of Arkansas.

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