Monday, April 6, 2009

High Country

I got my taxes done which always hangs over my head way more than it should. But what self employed person doesn't hate paying taxes? Even though I still had a couple of major things that I was procrastinating on (getting a job, canaan mtb festival) I decided it was more important to get out of the house and go out to the mountains.

I got on my madone with a small backpack and credit card and went on a little tour. I've always wanted to bike tour, but I'm not ready for the whole hauling all the stuff for camping and cooking. So I went light and it felt right. I did lots of mountains. It was wet two out of the four days, but I had the perfect clothes on and never got cold. It made it easy staying at hotels for drying the clothes and relaxing. I think its important to have some days alone, to myself. It simplifies so many things and makes things so clear.

But relationships are what feeds a life, so I met the crew up at Grassy Mt. Lodge for friendship and a night with babies. We cooked up a mess of ramps and had vension burgers. Anne Brie ate some ramps and it might of upset Lucas because he was up crying a lot in the night.

Ramps are a wild leek found in the Appalachians this time of year. They are very pungent and if someone is eating them you can smell them a mile away. They are so good sauteed up. But Joel like them so much he put them on his sandwich. He is a monster, though.

Joel, Trevor and I then rode home from Spruce Knob to Harrisonburg. That is one the the classic rides of all time.

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  1. RAMPS!

    Mandi and I love ramps. We have dug about 20lbs already this year. We are dehydrating them so we can have them the rest of the year.

    Nothing beats corn bread, brown beans and raw ramps!