Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

The 2009 Moab girls trip was a rippin success. Smiling Szabo picked me up at the airport and provided pizza and a cushy bed before we headed down first to Fruita then to Moab. Famous roadie Lara K made her first appearance as well. We were dubbed "value added guests". We had our first ride in Fruita on the bookcliff side. It was fun and a good way to open the legs up and start the suntan. Then of course we went to the Hot Tomato Cafe for world class pizza and a cool scene. You gotta love when a restaurants motto is "Ride Bikes, Eat Pizza" And its for sale if you know anyone (else) who is looking for a career change.

Then down to Moab. We stayed at some great little condos right on 100th in town. We started the riding off with the practice loop and then Porcupine Rim. It really is one of my favorites in the world. Its just a ripper and there are some big drops. That is some of the fastest riding I've done in a long time for going downhill. And it was so fun riding with Lynn and Sharon because they like drops bigger than what I like to do. They would go back up and do them again!

It was car show weekend in Moab, so it was crowded with supped up american classics. One car spit fire out of its tail pipes. There were lots of freaks to watch, but actually didn't see too many mullets, but saw a black and tan. That is a hair do sported by an urban redneck woman that is platinum in the front and then purple in the back and the dividing line for the two colors is straight across the dome.

Porcupine was only a three hour ride, so since Heather is training for the Breck Epic we needed to ride longer the next day and we did. We had an awesome 5 hour ride on Poison Spider and Gold Bar Rim. It is just fun slick rock and sandy spots with lots of ups and downs. We got rained on for 10 minutes, but basically dodged a big bullet with the weather. Then we had the most amazing tailwind ever on the ride back to town. That felt like heaven. We topped the night off with stellar margs and enchiladas at Miguels and then watched all the cars go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

Sunday we had another French toast breakfast and Michelle k. taught us to do Zumba. That woman can shake her hips. The favorite lines were "Attitude Ladies, Arms!" and " Latin Lover". I thought we did amazing for some seriously challenged cyclists.

It was so great to spend a weekend riding and laughing wit the girls. I have a new appreciation for the Colorado girls now that I don't have to race against them.

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