Friday, April 17, 2009

King of Stink

Beth and I went up to Canaan for a few days. We got to pick ramps just over the hill from my house. We cooked them up and couldn't smell them at all. But then when i got home Tim said that the ramps were really coming out of my pores. And that is why they call them the King of Stink! I love the story of Karl Waite taking 200lbs up to three or four fancy restaurants in NYC and selling them for $8 a pound.

I got to be a technical specialist for the intermediate mtb class of Garrett County. They were a good group of kids and really made a lot of progress riding the wet and muddy Plantation Trail. It looked like a war zone in some parts, but of course its all rideable. Roger is talking about getting Davis Trail upgraded with some serious trail maintenance and that would be brilliant.

I got to test ride Tim's EWR. That was fun. It does some things amazingly. It climbs steep hills and goes over big logs with so much ease. I love the geometry as well and that was the first time I have ever ridden steel. But riding a hard tail feels harsh to me now. But if you get a chance to ride an it.

We have a big weekend of riding planned around Ft. Valley. We are going to do a two day of non stop rocks. I hope I can hang!


  1. hot damn its spring and ramps are almost a side dish of their own. i just had a ramp covered broiled tenderloin with asparagus sauted in olive oil and of course...ramps!

  2. Sue,

    I made a painting based on a image of you from the Cape epic last year, and I'd like to send it to you. If your interested let me know at

    Thanks, Rudi

  3. Moving to WV in a few weeks - can't wait to get my ramp on.