Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Galaxing

I'm not sure that a noun can be turned into a verb like that, but it works in Northkackalacky. The Galax is a plant that grows in Appalachia and all around Pisgah. It gets a leathery leaf and flowers in the late Spring. It is used in floral arrangements. Sorry, I did pick one because Jake said it stinks, but I think it was him.

We had a short trip to Asheville. Tim went to another session of the Trek Fit school and I rode my mtb and checked out downtown. Pisgah has some really fun riding with super fun downhills and amazing views. Jake gave us a tour of the I-9 wheels HQ. I am lusting after a pair of their wheels. One of the company perks there is they have mini motos for the employees to ride to blow off steam. I haven't seen so many hippies in a long time and I can't believe we paid $6.50 for some herbal tonic that left us all weird, wired and wondering.

Whitney and Kyle were down vacationing also, so it was great to see this young couple exploring the mountains. They had matching bibs.

On a bad note, the Sprinter gave us hell on the way back to the burg with some kind of fuel flow problem. Nothing like having your new car crap up.

Good news, Harris-Roubaix and Easter Bunnies

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