Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Revenge of the Rattlesnake

I went up to Davis to hang out and watch one of my favorite races. Its always a little bit brutal. This year it rain the night before onto very dry ground. A lot of the racers had a "hollow" look in their eyes after the race. But at least they got to eat Sirianni's Pizza after and drink good Brew Pub beer. I got to see so many friends and that was so fun.

After seeing some of the Cross Vegas pics, I got really jealous for racing. Seeing all those racers so fit, skinny, driven and with such purpose made me feel a little bit sorry for myself. Of course there isn't any reason to feel bad, as my leg is coming along very well. I was able to do my first yoga class and swam laps today. That is an such a big step forward. But I do miss racing and especially getting endorphins.

I'm now thinking about doing a little bit of racing next year. WTF.


  1. I knew it, your back! Yoga, awesome! I miss you, keep up the work. Come to Fl and surf with me!

    Hope to see you soon

  2. Come do a couple xterras with me! They are super fun, super hard, and I think when you do something just different enough from xc racing, you bring a whole different attitude to it.

    Plus, since you are swimming right now and all....!

  3. Haywood, you are too funny. I am glad you are healing well. Tried to "postal" you a get well card and it got returned. So here's to blogging - You are a tough cookie. I will be great to see you back on the racing circuit next year. Enjoy the time off the bike.

  4. Sue,
    I'm so glad to hear you are healing well:-) Hopefully I'll see you in May at the IMBA fest!