Monday, September 1, 2008

Shenandoah 100 2008

This was the 10th anniversary of the Shenandoah 100 mile MTB race. It has really evolved into the big event in this area. It now has 550 racers and tons and tons of volunteers. It is really a friendly race, with great aid station support, good homemade French Fries afterwards and thick toliet paper in the portajohns.
The start was huge. I got to wake up moments before to get a pic. It was nice not racing, but I sure would of liked to be riding in the woods. I saw so many friends out there and got to use the cowbell . It was so amazing to see people who have more than enough ability drop out and then people who have lots of heart and soul finish despite their lack of preparation or troubles. And to see people with $7,000 bikes be unhappy and then see the girl with the 15 year old POS just smiling. Its nice to see competition as an observer for a change. I'm still holding to my idea that bike races are kinda boring to watch and so much more fun to participate.

Good job to Churtle and Eatough for big Wins.


  1. Here's what I know. For a 45 year old newcomer whose goal is a sub 10, it's pretty cool to come down off Hankey Mountain into station #3 and see a world champion like Sue Haywood there, and cheering the mortals on! There's something about the Trek team that sets you all apart. Four years ago there was JB with broken ribs at station 5 or 6 cheering us on, and there you were this year. Means a lot.

    Now....what can a mortal do to get SH to help me become faster?

  2. I look forward to seeing what you can do on the bike in RETIREMENT!

  3. Sue it was great seeing you at the SM100. I said a quick hello way early in the morning at the start then again at aid station 3. It was great seeing you there again and in great spirits.

    I was hoping to chat with you there but I didn't get a good chance to. I have some questions on living in WV for you. If you have a minute plese drop me a line at TSWimba at gmail dot com.