Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some pics

I miss Ruby and Tim. But like I told Tim on the phone...I'm getting work done and being a boring pro rider. (the best racers are bored because they ride, sleep , eat)

I like the Tuesday group ride. It consists of mostly locals, not the out of towners like myself. Its a short ride, but its good for doing a double workout day. The pace is pretty fast with lots of chances to do some efforts. Going up Kinney after McCain loop crushed me pretty good. After the two group rides that I've done here, I can tell what I need to work on. I like what Jake said to Spring when she asked him about what she should do for training. He said do the shootout and try to keep up. Spring is killing it! She is the fastest I've ever seen her on the bike.

I got my mountainbike finally. In the war between FedEx and Ups, I'm voting for UPS. I'm heading out to do some spin ups on the mtb and check out my new sweet shimano shoes. The good folks at Fairwheel Bikes baked and molded them for me yesterday. Team Fairwheel was killing it on the ride this morning.

Overheard on the shootout was one of the bigger name pros telling one of the fast girls how he doesn't usually see many girls hanging on the shootout ride and if she has a flat that no one will wait for her especially because girls can't change flats. Did he think that was a pick-up line? Or didn't he realize that girls can change flats because they don't have their team cars or teammates to do it for them? That said I have asked Tim countless times to help me get my stansed bontis on. Its just really hard to do.

As requested, I got some pics finally.

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