Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lame Blogger

Sorry World Wide Web readers...I am a lame blogger. So Sorry. Its weird my life still goes on even when I don't blog.

Lots has happened since my last post. I got to go skiing for the New Year's with my sister, Beth and my neice Lindsay and nephew Dylan. Then some friends celebrated New Year's Eve with me at the Icebox(house in West Virginia). We had drinks, a bonfire and of course our favorite party activity...wrestling! I'm not that good at it and sometimes resort to some head slaps. I'm trying to learn to be good, like Tim. He has all the moves, even with his torn MCL.

Another big thing has been the new floor at Tim's house. Much of the excitement and anticipation has been squelched due to small catastophes and delays. The three day project by the pros has turned into ove a week. It has tested my nerves and made some serious dust. But Tim knows construction projects are always complicated and take more time than you think. This is the first time Tim has paid anyone to do anything at his house. I think the verdict is still out whether its going to be worth it in the end. I think it is going to be beautiful. Its basically a very thin flexible concrete floor with acid etched color.

I dropped my camera off of Pace Point in Blackwater Falls State Park. Tim and Harlan bushwacked through the Rhododendrons to find it. It still works, but the screen is cracked. I'm considering a new one now.

Also, My G4 laptop screen is on the last leg. It is locked up in blue most days. I considering if I want a new laptop. I really don't. I would rather have a nice desktop.

Lastly, and most importantly, I've starting riding my bike again with more consistencey and intent. It feels great. I even won a sprint on the Wingnut Ride.
Of course, I was sprinting against guys on their mountainbikes while I'm on my roadbike, but I gotta start somewhere.

Anyway, many exciting things are happening that I will tell you all about over the next weeks.

Big Hug to all you patient readers.


  1. hey sue' its H from israel... how are you doing? you seem to be enjoying the winter over there. the winter here is great. sun, sun, and more sun. i wanted to invite you to my blog. i started a month ago. its in english, and i would love if read it, and comment.
    see you in 2 months. Hanoch

  2. hey sue... good to hear from you. i am glad you liked my blog. good luck in south africa. this race is yours!
    see you in the states.

  3. living is better than blogging

    and I am a blog-aholic!