Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow is good

I love snow. I love cross country skiing. Especially when its with my friends over at White Grass. I hit the Thursday(Thirsty) Staff Ski at 4:30 and we skied into the night. It was some interesting conditions...what I would call variable. It was a mix of powder, manky, mashed potatoes, and mirco crust. I was very happy to have had my Snowfields and S Bounds on for a change. I'm usually all about the skiinies and light is right, but I have been getting jealous of the folks with the bigger gear making effortless turns. And I gotta tell you bigger is better for making easier turns. But I'm still a big proponent of being able to make turns on any gear. You can only hide so long behind the big sidecut and plastic boot.

Then I ate at White Grass Cafe for the Local's Night. Righteous food and phenomenal company. Then Kyle and Andy stayed over at the Icebox and we watched Deliverance. Most people forget the fact that the movie has strong environmental and adventure leanings. But it also really depicts southerners as inbred and dumb which is a shame. "that" scene is really disturbing, though.

Friday, I woke up early and skied with the famous Charlie Waters and wool wearing Kyle. I love waking up to ski. Its about the only thing that I don't complain about waking up early for. We skied quickly up to Roundtop and flew down Weiss and over the Sawmill. I went back to the Icebox and cleaned up and shut her down, then went back out for a fast, fun ski with Curtis. I love skiing with Curtis because he loves all types of skiing. So we hit Lester's fresh groom and were glowing after racing down Barton's Bend.

I was very suprised that only two of us showed up for the wingnut ride on Saturday morning. It was very, very cold and some ice as well. But, it worked out because it was me and engine Julie. We stayed warm jabbering the whole time. We didn't ride fast, but got some time in. Company is always nice in the winter.

And today, was so fun. Me and Ruby dog met the boys over at Hillendale Park. It was the fixed gear gang snowriding in 20 degrees temps. Ruby was in a biking mood and I didn't even get cold. Riding fixes in the snow is my new favorite thing!

Okay, that is enough about me....I'm trying to make up for not blogging the last month.


  1. I am so jealous! I bet it is so pretty. Sounds like a good time! We even got a little snow!

  2. yep snow is good.

    i had every intention of hiking Blackwater on Saturday but for some reason Elkins wouldn't release me from her hold.

    Be Well.

  3. Down here in Tennessee, the weather was pretty decent for a good long ride on Friday. Zeke and I hit some new fireroads, way out in BFE and thought I heard "dueling banjos."

  4. Random post here but your right on with the fixed gear in winter.... Last year we did a ride in Cali but couldn't make it this year. Did a three state stomp with winters icy grip instead - loved it although I had to thaw out for a few hours.

    No banjos on the 'MLK-ride' but plenty of second wives along the way....

    - enjoy the snow & Rubber side down,
    "Just another Random Fixer"

  5. You live a blissful life Sue!!

  6. Hi Sue,

    You should come up and do the Birkebeiner sometime!

    I came across your blog randomly, I am one of those midwest W.O.R.S. folks. My wife and I met you at the Chequamegon and you were way nice in offering a picture with my wife, and fun to chat with. Crazy that not long before you were on an IV, we didn't know that at the time! Badass.

    Just wanted to let you know you have readers in small town Mukwonago, WI who often resort to spinning in their dingy basements watching 24hr Solo to stay motivated and fantasize about riding on an actual trail at some point in the spring.

    Cool to see your nomination for consideration for the MTB team this summer. Best to you and the 2008 season!

  7. more photos...
    every post should have an image
    even if that image is only related to a tangent that makes sense to you

    people have a hard time with all the text
    it is too much like a book
    not all of us do well with books