Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tidewater Pics


  1. It was wonderful to have you visit. I had the best time. I totally understand why you love it. MTB is addicting! David is already working on adjusting his hardtail mountain bike for me to use, until I can convince you to share one of your old ones with me:) I like to be spoiled, just like Joyce. Mountain bikers are some friendly fun people. I can't wait to ride with you again. You are awesome!!!!

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  3. I dusted off the old TREK 8900 OCLV for Beth. It needs tire's. I think you have a bunch of old one's in the garage. Be nice and send your sister some tire's and tube's. I'll do the rest untill you and Tim can hook her up with something else.
    Thanks for the humor this weekend. I'm thinking about kicking some more National Champion butt, yours!!! Ha!!!

    Rock on Sue.

  4. Sorry I missed all the wkend events here on this side of the state. I did manage to catch the pro men's race on Sunday for a bit. The course looked great.

  5. SUEE!!!

    it was really fun watching you and my mom race. i like to watch them. i like it to be warmer though. i can't wait to see you guys race again and i hope im gonna see you at thanksgiving? and if not thanks giving i better see you on my birthday!!!!!!!!