Saturday, November 3, 2007

North Fork again!

Life is sweet when you can ride North Fork Mountain Trail twice in one month. The boys from Bike Magazine got treated to a sunny warm day in West Virginia. A crew from the burg went up and did just the sweet bits on the trail. We had our usual share of problems like a busted d-hanger and numerous flats. It was classic off camber leaf surfing and still the best downhill off the mountain.

Then we took the back way up to Canaan and stopped by the very eerily beautiful Bear Rocks. JB and conspired routes for the off road version of H-burg to Canaan. The next day the crew rode a classic Davis route...Forbidden Forest, Son of Plantation, Plantation, Davis Trail finishing on yellow birch. The day started out 48 degrees and raining, but somehow the sun came out later and we enjoyed trails and the view of Blackwater Falls. And of course, we then spent and long, long lunch at the best pizza place in the world...SIRIANNI'S!

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