Friday, October 19, 2007

Mooreland Gap

Trevor, AnneBrie, Kristin and Sue Gorge and me had the best ride today. There were tons of giggles and lots of pinballing and hike a bikes. It was a very techy ride. It was especially hard after partying last night at the Toots and the Maytals concert in Charlottesville. Toots is an old guy, but he was full of energy and got the crowd singing and dancing. But today on the ride I declared that I had CRS syndrome...Can't Ride Shit! I didn't have the mojo today, but haven't giggled so much on a ride in a while.

Then I came home worked over and proceeded to make 30 burritos for our big riding weekend in West Virginia. I'm so excited to ride North Fork Mountain and Spruce Knob in one weekend.

Tim won the six pack downhill tonite. He is so fast! I was pissed the party was at our house since he won, but I got over it. Good job, timmer. Its still and honor to win the six pack and its good to celebrate.

These are pics from our ride on Mooreland Gap today. Virginia riding is really nice right now.

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