Tuesday, October 2, 2007

El Reto del Quetzal

Lea, Tim and I are heading down to Guatemala for a three day mtb stage race today, It is a team format so Lambie and me get to ride together instead of duking it out. We were invited by the Trek distributor in Guatemala. It is a great opportunity for us to visit a new country and meet our extended Trek family in central America. Plus, I'm sure it will be some big riding days. Then we have three days to explore the countryside. Plus, Tim and I will be celebrating our birthdays down there. Reports to follow.


  1. No tango dinero.

    Donde este los chicos/las chicas?

    Those phrases will surely get you far in Guatemala if your legs and your bikes break down.

    You guys have a great time down there. Be safe. And don't unknowingly ferry any illicit drugs over the border in your bum or other cavities. And drop us a line up here in the great white north when you get back. ober31@yahoo.com


  2. Hey we didn´t know you were celebrating your birthdays here in Guatemala! I mean CELEBRATING! right? not just acomplishing!!

    Hey as everybody told me it was an honor to have you three participating here with us!

    you can check the local news (in spanish) at:



    Andrés Duarte www.academia-duarte.com