Saturday, September 5, 2009

Six pack downhill Chimney Hollow

Round 2 of the sixpack season was on a perfect friday afternoon on Chimney Hollow Trail. Joel, Trevor, Tim and I went out a little early to get a pre ride in, but that never happened as we are slow, its a very tough climb and we spent a bunch of time working on a big log jump. I didn't hit it, but some of the dudes did, including young Collindish. Of course, Collindish has no trouble clearing big jumps, but since he was the winner of the last round he had to ride the Navigator(a non-performance hybrid). He beat me by seven seconds, but at least I beat Nick Pence by 1 second.

And the winner was....Joel Maynario of the caveman clan. Second was Tim, which is really the best place to be because then you don't have to have the party at your house. And Kyle naysay was third on his high performance hybrid even walking both drops. That is some fitness! Joel was very impressive not even hesitating to have the party at his house in the backyard and getting shitfaced as well. That is some good daddy rage.

I'm nervous for the 100 miler tomorrow. No denying its going to be tough. There is a ton of climbing and I just hope I have some better legs than at the 101. Rumor is that the churtle won't be making the trip down. That is a disappointment, but one less strong woman to contend with. The women's field is looking good with Betsey and Carey...the nicest fastest women ever.

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  1. congratulations on a great race, and thanks for letting me meet your cool acd