Friday, September 25, 2009


Sadly, I'll be missing the Revenge of the Rattlesnake for a happy reason...Adam Childers wedding. Congrats Adam and Kristin!

But, I did get to go up to Davis and do some of the course including the new downhill Rocky Point trail. I also got to do the ride at five out of Blackwater BIkes, eat a Hellbenders Burrito and see music at the Purple Fiddle. These are the must do's when in Davis. The course is in incredible condition being the driest that I have ever seen in Canaan Valley. Folks are saying it is a terrible year for apples and mast is down some 50%. There are going to be a lot of hungry animals up there this fall. But ride while you can.

I also got to Leaf Peep. The purples and red are magnificent. The ferns are changing colors and the cotton grass is exploding. We saw Chaga on many Birch trees, but didn't harvest any.

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  1. ahhh you are one of the awesome racers that puts the FUN back into biking. (same goes for your crew!) Guess what? there is some technicality why that new trail can't be called Rocky Point trail, so the cvi land manager, Ken Dzaack, is going to name it Hellbender Trail!