Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shenandoah 100 2009


550 people isn't the biggest race that I have ever been in. Chequemegon has over 1,000 and Cape Epic has a ton, too. But this video gives you an idea what a thrill it is for both racer and spectator. I see myself go by in a yellow jersey and white helmet and I'm pretty far back. In years past I would just go to the front of the line and start there. I wasn't feeling was amped to do that. And it turned out I got to chat with Danielle, Carey and Karen. Besty was , as I suspected, scrambling to get herself and bike ready and just made the start.

I can't believe it either, but I had good legs and the race was really, really fun. There were only about 15 miles total that were pretty hard. The conditions were so fast and dry, but not hot. Pretty much the ideal conditions because sitting in a fairly dry chamois for over 8 hours is much more comfortable than a soaking wet one.

The downhills were so fast and I felt like I was flying. This was the first race on my DW Turner Flux and my I-9 wheels. I can't believe how fast the bike is on downhills and how much more efficient and accurate it is on the uphills. I waste so much less energy on this bike. I have to think that is why my time this year was only 9minutes off my recored when I was really fit. Yes, conditions were faster, but the downhills were a bit more dangerous because of the scree sides, sandy corners and ball bearing surface. I also put race tires on and felt fast and strong on all the road sections.

I was graced with good fortune when the Men's Leader pulled me and Tennessee Brad, up the death climb. Yes, he is nice. But hopefully, he doesn't want to really be a superdomestique and will stick to the mtb(right Nickyboy?) I owe him a Sambazon.

As usual Mumbles put on a great race with an uber volunteer staff(is the Men's Leader paid or volunteer, or maybe has just bought some stock options in SMT?) lots of Dogfish beer and the best homemade Scud Fries. Plus, how bling is it to have the big bottles of champagne for making the victory spray.

Stay Classy Shenandoah!


  1. Congrats on your win! I was so happy to hear you kicked ass out there and got so close to your record time. Which one is the death climb? At a certain point that day, any trail/road pointing even remotely up felt like a death climb.

  2. You rock girl! Congrats! Its all the cool motorcycle riding you did, you look bad ass on a dirt bike. I wouldn't mess with you.

    Miss you, can't wait to see you winter train in Tucson...
    Spring & Kevin