Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blue Ridge Cyclocross Cup

And the winner is... Fooftown, I think? Foofers came out in droves to race their hometown circuit. While they had a great showing for the racers, I would say spectators and after race partiers was pretty poor. Sketchy Bruce provided some great fodder for spectating with his brakeless skinny tired fixed gear. Kudos to him for hosting the party, too. Didi is a foofette and a very fast one. She is national champion in her age group, I think? She adds some legitimacy to the Charlottesville team.

Nickyboy won the race, I think? It was really hard to tell. For some reason JB gave everyone a head start either on accident or thinking that he would have no problem chasing down everyone. So things got mixed up. But we think young Nick is back especially beating everyone on his mountainbike. Collindish is adding another cycling discipline to his quiver. He is pretty much very fast already at it. If he starts beating Mckeegan, then we are going to have to start taking pro, you know? Also, Misty got a new bike and it was great to see Martinez out there on the dirt.

I rode Tim's fixie and went so hard that I almost puked. It was a great fixie course and the remounts are so much better on a fixie because the pedals are always in the right position. And there was only one dismount/remount so that made it easy, but those 20 stairs were brutal, brutal, brutal.

Queen City didn't have the numbers, but they do get the nice guys award with Mark and James.

Next race is in H-burg not this tuesday, but next at Westover. Be there! And if you race you have the chance to buy one of you hometown iconic t shirts

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