Friday, February 6, 2009

Skiing is fun!!

I really love cross country skiing. It just gives me such a good feeling. It takes away the rage that I have inside. The ground hog day's ski was a great adventure with about 15 of us exploring big stonecoal, dunkenbarger and stonecoal flats. Following Chipper around is never boring. And he continues to humble all of us with his rock steady turning in the woods in slippers and skinny skis and only seeing out of one eye!.

Congrats to Julie and Thomas Jenkins on the arrival of a beautiful baby boy, Ethan. He will be growing up in a great community.

The warm equatorial memories are fading with the recent 0 degree temps. I'm so glad its skiing and not biking right now. I'll be teaching xc lessons up at White Grass this weekend. And I'm getting a new pair of skis. I haven't lusted after a pair of skis in a while, but the 10th mountains are awesome. If you like turning these are the right skis.

I saw that Alison Dunlap is coming out of retirement! Gosh, before she was saying how awesome it is not to have to train and do all the mundane stuff it takes to be an elite racer. But, maybe she has some rage to get out like I'm experiencing right now.

All is good, just missing something....


  1. You ought to come down and race the Cohutta 100 in April. Perhaps you will find what you are missing. 27 miles of some sweet, yet not too technical singletrack and 73 miles of some brutal fireroad. It is not the Shenandoah by any stretch, but a good hundie to start back into.

  2. I to like skiing the xc stuff but after last night our season of skinny skiing may be done,,,Damm it was fun..

  3. Sue,
    Great bike rumor interview:)

  4. sue, who do you think you are? a celebrity pro?