Wednesday, February 25, 2009

biking and skiing

Its so nice to be able to bike one day and then ski the next. Ruby, Katy and I went and rode Narrowback. It was fun and in sweet riding condition for the middle of winter. Ruby was a superstar mountain bike dog. Katy is no longer a true beginner because she cleared some steep uphills and some tricky logs. A sign that my leg is coming around is that I can hop medium logs again.

A trip up to White Grass yesterday was totally awesome. Mumbles and I went up and spontanteously met up with an all star crew. Chippy and Geo Bell were the headliners as well as the gun show members from athens. We skied in the Nordic National and up on Stone Coal Ridge. There was lots of snow up there. Winter is not over yet folks. Get it while you can.

Colin got a new bike this week, so watch out becuase he is very Cavendish like.

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