Monday, February 16, 2009

celebrity pro

It was one year ago that Spring and I did the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo and won the duo class on our Born Famous team. That was a good time. And now I'm having thoughts of doing the 24 Hours of Big Bear, WV in June. It just sounds really fun at this point. I'm starting to loosely form my schedule for this year. And on it is the Giro d'Ville and the Tour de Burg. Maybe this is the year for all the classics, including the Tour of Georgia. You won't find those three races on the UCi or USAC's calendar. They are way too fun for that. There are even some outrageous thoughts of doing singlespeed nats in Durango. But not if its really hard to get into. I'm not that committed or organized.

The rage has been replaced this week by extreme laziness. If I want to race, do I have to train? I wonder what kind of hard training and intervals LLC is doing right now?

According to I am a celebrity pro. I couldn't help but to make it tongue in cheek. Of course, I didn't relalize that it was a real website!

This has been a fun week. Tim, Ruby and I rode Kennedy's Peak. I got to watch the Extreme daddies rip it up in the park and I took a wilderness first aid course. The sad thing was returning the VW GTI that was team issue. That was such a sweet car and a real gem of a sponsorship.


  1. I missed you this weekend Sue. Wow you have come full circle in a year. I knew you would be back with a vengeance! Can't wait to race with you again. Keep getting stronger. See ya soon.


  2. I love the 24 Hrs of Big Bear!! I am not sure if I will be doing it again this year though.

    I know what you mean about needing to train if you want to race. That is the mode that I am in right now due to work obligations.