Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last day in Guate

Its been an awesome three weeks here in Guatemala. I got back riding on trails which was exciting and sometimes a little too exciting. I made tons of progress, but still have a good way to go.

The riding here is more about the adventure and culture than it is about the acutal trails. I mean we have extraordinary trails in the U.S. But there is tons of potential here. It is some of the steepest riding that I have ever seen. It really makes you try. Can I ride up that? Can I ride down that?

We received a warm welcome by Old Town Outfitters and got a best buddy tour. We will be back I'm sure.

Yesterday we got to the beach. It is a black sand beach on the Pacific side. There was not one single person on the beach. There were a lot of waves that were great for body surfing and boogie board. There is a surf camp there as well. The waves are pretty shallow, but you probably have to be good to work it. The water is warm and the sun very strong. It is very undeveloped for now.

We are looking forward to seeing our little doggie, Ruby. It was great to hang around blue heelers while we were here, though. They are a really fun breed of dog.

Antigua is such a picturesque town. Plus, its really fun at night making wheelys.

Not looking forward to going home to freezing cold, but excited about the prospect of the Ground Hog's Day ski on the Dolly Sods?

Hasta Luego

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