Thursday, January 15, 2009

Que Bueno!

Our adventures continue in Guatemala. We are based out of Antigua which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is all cobblestone streets, colorful colonial architecture and a mix of new guates, old guates and gringos. It has a lot of tourists and lots of restaurants. The best meal that we have had so far has been breakfast at the rainbow cafe. The tipico desayuno is rice, black beans, tortillas, fresh eggs, salad and queso fresca and of course fresh squeezed orange juice.

We hopped on a tour with Luisa and some canadians. We grinded up sandy climbs. My heart almost came out of my chest with the effort. It hurts bad to be out of shape, but the burn is making me feel alive. We did a good bit of corntracks. There are these bits of sweet smooth singletrack between the cornfields. It was fun.

This country's heart and soul is its connection to corn, the earth and their families. Some things haven't changed in centuries and then some things are in a rapid plunge off the edge of plastic consumerism.

My leg is doing good. It gets tired on really bumpy downhills and it is terrible walking on the cobbled streets.

Huesta Luego

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