Saturday, January 10, 2009

guate guate!!

Tim and I made it safe and sound to Antigua, Guatemala. We are here for 3 weeks and are staying with our friends Luisa and Mateo. We fell in love with this place last year when we did El Reto de Quetzal and said that we would come back. So here we are. The weather is so perfect. And we got to ride some singletrack today! I know, its crazy, my third mtb ride since the broken leg and its in Guatemala.


  1. Right on! Miss you guys! Enjoy the warm weather and we will catch up when you return.

    Miss you in Tucson!
    Spring & Kevin

  2. Did you guys drive?

    Tim is on an a new EWR! Awesome.


  3. Hey Susan, here I am again :) I'm glad this time you got better experience of Guatemala, the first photo in this post, I believe it's in one of my favorite hometrails, really close to my house. At the end of the ride, did you came to a little town called Pastores? that's pretty much the loop I used to do a lot for my training on climbing and descending.