Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ah November

November is the time to start to delve into projects. SBC is organizing and cleaning up their attic. There are a lot of old bikes, misc parts and one of a kind items up there. I'm sure every old/new bike shop has the same thing going on. Its really fun to see what was top of the line at the time and what was cool then , that isn't now. Then there are those timeless items that are always cool.

I went up to the icebox to hang out and work on some projects. It coincided with a sweet winter storm. I skied from the house, doing some flat tracking. I purposely avoided WhiteGrass(love you though, chippy) to stay away from hills because of my leg. I love Nordic skiing. I think flat skiing is perfectly reasonable with the current state of my leg, but it has caused friction between Tim and me, so I'm using restraint. Ruby adores the snow, too.

I found some bottles of wine in my basement. The one with the flowers is an 02 Odgen Cab from Duncan Meyer's label. The Stumpjumper is from the Off Road to Athens crew, Ken and Jason. And the last is Melomel. This is my favorite mead of all time made by Hungarian Frank. The winery is no longer in existence so I don't know whether to drink it or save it.


  1. hey sue,
    I almost drove out to WG this morning, but I'm supposed to pick Sarah up at BWI this afternoon. Had to use some "restraint" too. "Restraint" sucks, but sometimes it is best.Take care of the leg so you can play hard later.

    big huggs,

  2. Congrats on the victory against USA cycling. It seems like a tidy sum, but I think an Olympic experience couldn't be put into monetary terms.