Tuesday, November 18, 2008

14 Annual Six Pack Invitational Downhill

And the Big Winner is ...Tim Richardson. As Carpong so subtly pointed out at the top of the downhill right before his run, 'you been goin' to the well for 14 years and haven't drank a drop'. Tim is great athlete, a humble winner and knows what he likes in his suspension set-up.

Aimee won the Lladies after 10 years. She partied like a champ, too. There were only five, come on ladies, what's up?

Tomi is the big winner at the universal fixed gear championships. He rides his bike like its an intimate stranger...right, Tomi?

When I first broke my leg, the invitational was a goal. I figured that I would be riding trails after four months. Well, I'm not. Not yet. I can't run yet, so I figure I shouldn't trail ride. But, basically its my call at this point. I don't see the doctor for another month and I haven't been to PT for a while. I still have a little limp and protect it a lot. But all in all its doing great.

Maybe a little ski up at White Grass tomorrow would be fantastic.


  1. sounds like we are on a similar recovery timeline. We'll get there, sister!

  2. Contrats Timmy! I hope you partied like a Rock Star!

  3. It was great hanging out w/ya and the burg crew. Thanks for cheering on DFL. Until next time....