Monday, November 10, 2008

Blue Sky

I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

Only a few people knew about my legal action against USAC. I didn't want to advertise it because it was a really delicate matter. Also, I had always hoped that it could be resolved without going to trial. It is a terribly difficult decision to sue someone. Its really serious and not fun at all. I would never have done it unless it was very important to me and to the athletes that follow. I don't feel like congratulations are in order for me. Its not really a happy thing. Revenge was not my motive.

But, I do feel some sense of satisfaction and of course a huge weight on my shoulders has been off loaded.

What an intense year this has been.

I like riding my bike. Its a beautiful thing.


  1. For what its worth, you did the right thing! It was a much needed kick in the ass for USAC. Nice work! Glad to see you are healing up well and back on the bike.

  2. I am so glad this has been resolved for you. Thank you for going through what must have been an incredibly challenging situation - my dream is to go to the Olympics and I know that because of your efforts, USAC is not going to be so careless in the future. It's terrible that their mistakes cost you so much, but the difference you have made in the cycling community by standing up for what was right is not something anyone will ever forget.

  3. how about vindication versus congratulations? good luck w/ the leg.

  4. Sue, I applaud your decision to pursue legal recourse. You did the right thing and you deserved better. Politics have too large a role in sports. I am glad you won, and hope you decide to race your bike in '09, we could call it the Haywood Victory Tour! You kill on the long-distance courses, focus on those - you and Eatough make it look so darn easy. Us working stiffs get so much inspiration from you two - okay, well back to shoveling gravel. See you again at SM100 next year? Maybe at WG in the next couple months - come on snow!

  5. Hey Sue, I'm really happy that you are finally able to put this behind you. I saw/have The Road To Athens and I must say it was a tear jerker when seeing how difficult it was for you going thru the process with the points and such..

    I wish you well..
    Take care, Ken Jefferson

  6. From a big fan in northern michigan on the shore of lake superior.
    You were awesome in off-road to Athens.Glad to see things going well for you.
    Your blue sky photo is so cool.Looks like you were above the trees.Really happy to see little developement out there in the distance.

  7. Congrats on the ruling!
    You were robbed, and they need to own up to it.