Monday, June 2, 2008


Andorra is the coolest country. It is a mountain hamlet. Its all about mountains. There are so many incredible paved roads. We have been out exploring . Today we had the most amazing ride. Plus, the rivers are pumping with so much water and rapids. Americans are into icebaths in very cold moutain streams. Euros are not.

Yesterday we went into Andorra La Vella. Its the big town around here. We did a tiny bit of shopping. Its basically like a huge duty free airport shopping mall. Its not really unique and actually kind of cheesy, but I guess its a way for all the skiers to spend more money. This place is really into skiing. Then we went to a thermal spa. Me, JB and LLC went to nurse our tired legs. Me and LLC snuck up to the exclusive club section and got to spa with floating grapefruits and into a beautifully tiled eucalyptus steam room. We also did the roman baths that are hot and cold water.

The race was brutal. I crashed on Thursday and hurt my knee. I had a horrible slap down crash. My knee was really sore. I took a bunch of motrin the day of the race and it was actually okay. But on the first lap I crashed so hard on the banked boardwalk section. It was wet wood and I hit the deck so hard. I have a huge rainbow hemotoma on my hip. So the race was merely surviving with the pain. Some days are just like that. I think I'm pretty good in the difficult terrain, but some days I'm stiff and on the brakes too much. Once you crash once, the chances of crashing again are higher. I was crying after the race and though that I should just pull the plug on this world cups, but a cooler head prevailed and I'm going to Scotland to see if I can do better. Lea and JB did well. LLC loves world cups and I expect her to move up each race. JB is starting to feel normal again and hopefully is hitting his summertime superfast riding.

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