Friday, June 6, 2008


Back at Ft. William or affectionately known as Ft. Bill. I didn't attend World Championships here last year, so the course is quite different than the last time I was raced here. Its not as technical. Its dry, fast and some long climbs. The descent has tons of berms and is really fun. The tricky part is that the berms have a loose gravel patch in them. Also, I feel like you can only go so fast. But at least its pretty long and a good ripper. There are no crazy Euro drops where you have to slam the brakes on at the bottom of it. This race has been voted the best three or four years in a row. They get great fans for being pretty far out from the cities.

The Scottish are so friendly. Everyone is saying welcome to Scotland and good luck at the race. Plus, the weather is good. The only miserable thing is the midges. Midges are tiny bugs that bite. They are like mini-gnats. They were eating Bork alive as he worked on bikes. They don't bother us on our bikes. The course marshals have the head nets on. I heard smoking a cigar helps keep them away too. Apparently, they don't mind garlic.

We ate at an Indian Restaurant last night that I remember being really good. But I guess I have really come to love the food at The Indian American Cafe in Harrisonburg. They have the best veggie samosas and veggie bryiani ever, oh and the best paneer, too . Plus trying to understand an Indian-Scottish accent is really hard to do.

My bruise really became a rainbow of colors. It is probably one of the worst looking bruises I've had in my racing career. But it doesn't hurt or anything. My knee is tons better and just is a little annoying now.

Tyrone has some dirty south in him. Lea knows more rap songs than anyone else I know.

We stayed up late wathcing "Entourage " last night. It really wound us up and tonite we have to turn it off way earlier so we can get better sleep. The sun sets at midnight and is up again at 4 am. Its weird.


  1. That hip/thigh bull's eye thing looks gnarly. Hope it feels better than it looks. The picture is sort of indecent, which is not entirely a bad thing ;) Good luck tomorrow. We'll see you in Vermont soon enough.

  2. Good luck, Sue.......don't have any blood pudding on race day.