Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ruby Art

Kidder was commissioned to create a masterpiece on a section of wall in Tim's house. He created a funny masterpiece. Its Ruby in her prime. She liked his work so much, she even cuddled up with him while he slept and she doesn't do that for many people.

I ended up only doing one of the crits this weekend. It was too much to drive up to Baltimore, then back to DC then up to Delaware, especially on this memorial day weekend. The crit was super fun. I felt pretty good. I gave it a couple of goes to go with some girls, but it was so wide and fast that a getaway was difficult. I didn't do to good in the sprint, but I won $75 bucks. None other than new england's own, Richard Fries, was the announcer.

It is nice seeing my parents and riding around Delaware. There has been good progress on the greenways around here and its really pretty right now. I also saw a bunch of my cousins at a cookout. They are going to be going to Mt. Snow to cheer for me at my last big race.

I'm psyched because my parents house is only 20 minutes from the Philly airport. That is a real treat instead of the usual two hours. Its a direct to Barcelona as well.

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