Thursday, May 22, 2008

lots of laughing

I had a blast out in California. The team was really fun to be with this weekend. That is a little difference between the more serious, stressful world cups and the National races. But also having five girls hanging out and giggling a ton makes races a lot more fun. We celebrated Lea's 25th in grand style with shots, dancing and a great pillow fight. No one got in trouble this time and nothing burned. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. That is just what I needed!

What I didn't need was the bad travel day back home. The plane out of Denver had two mechanical issues that made a six hour delay. I arrived home at 5:30 am just crushed.

I did win the Super D. That felt good. For now, the only races that I have won of late have been under 7 minutes. I think I'm best suited for events under 7 minutes and over 7 hours. I think that has to do with not being very good at sustained lactate threshold.

I'm going crit racing this weekend to work on leg speed and play with the roadies. I'm then going to visit my parents in Delaware. They are going to take me to the airport in Philly for my flight to Barcelona. The next two world cups are in Andorra and Scotland. They are going to be super tough, but they are in the mountains so I'm sure its going to be beautiful. And LLC is making her European World Cup debut. I have a feeling she is going to do awesome. And as long as she keeps me giggling, I'll be in good spirits.

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  1. I miss you Sue, live it up, you have nothing to prove, your the shit! Those B*!%^*) are going down! Hang in there. See you soon, miss riding and doing yoga together.