Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hotter than Africa

The race yesterday in Santa Ynez, California was hotter than any day at the Cape Epic. It was really crazy hot. It seemed like we were racing in an oven with a hair dryer blowing on us pedaling in slow motion. After the race I felt like I was on fire. Zack and Laura were so wonderful to have tons of ice and cold towels for us. None of us could have raced without all the good folks helping us keep cool. There was this angel of a guy out on a very hot climb dousing our backs with ice cold water. Who was he? and why did he care so much? Thank You.

The big news was the very strong racing by the Trek ladies in their full pink kits. Lea, Jenny and Michal were all on the podium disrubting the usual Luna dominance. I finished in ninth place. The good news being that I'm starting to feel more normal. Last week, I was so out of wack and over tired that I was feeling pretty hopeless. After 8 weeks in a row of races all around the world and the intensity of the Cape Epic, I was fried. This is why it is so important to have a coach. Racers often don't know whether they need to train harder or rest. KC says rest, so that is what I need to do.

I'm taking a pass on the short track to try to continue to recover for the next round in Europe. I'll be on the sidelines cheering on the pinkies. Maybe there is even a win in the cards for a lady in pink today. I will be doing the super D with some other very fast girls like Lea, Kellie and Rachael.

My cousin Chris and Deanne and Paige came out to cheer me on. They brought some amazing organic strawberries. Thanks!

Tomorrow is LLC's 25th birthday! Wow! I wasn't even a pro yet at her age. But she is keeping me young. The team is going to celebrate tonite with a dinner at a super nice Italian restaurant, Grappolo's.

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