Monday, November 5, 2007

13th annual six pack invitational

Grooms Ridge was the site of the 13 th annual sixpack downhill. Its a straight up downhill, not a super D. The Quinn Family finally took home the coveted men's win. Christian had been second and third many times and finally won by 1 second over winchesterton, Matt Mchale. I won for I think the 7th time. Come on Marla Streb when are you going to come and beat all the boys, too? Tim was the first Burger in 5th place. What's up H-Burg? Tim had a very, very tight team issue Mexican skinsuit that I got at Pan Am Champs back in 2002. It has never been washed, of course. The party was off the hook, sweet jesus.

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  1. Colin is such a cutie pie. I wish I was at that party. I bet Timmy looked hot at the race. I think he needs an aerodynamic helmet.