Sunday, November 11, 2007

La Ruta de Los Conquistadors

I'm off to La Ruta in Costa Rica! I'm really nervous for this stage race. Its four days of riding with something like 10,000ft of climbing per day. The first day is supposedly the burliest. Last year's first place woman did it in 8hours 20. That is a long day. Also, there are a lot of hike a bikes and no singletrack. But the good news is that it warm and beautiful and plenty of other people to slum with. There is no denying that its going to hurt real bad racing for four long days in November without too much training under my chamois. But its one of those races that I have heard about for years and finally am getting to go to so I feel really lucky to get to ride my bike in another new country. You can check out the race at


  1. It looks downright brutal. Best to you. My prediction for Day 1 is that you will do 16 minutes better than winning time last year.

  2. Nice win on day 1.
    Keep it smooth & have some fun!


  3. It is snowing in WV! The Rain Forest this week. WhiteGrass next week?
    Go Girl. Keep rocking!

    Mark & Sarah

  4. Hi sue
    Patty Snow here

    Bicycling Mags Joe Lindsey has some coverage of this brutal event.
    stage 1

    stage 2

    I bet you will never ride railroad ties again