Monday, March 8, 2010

White Grass

I really like working at White Grass. Too bad there is not a summer White Grass. I'm going up the next two weekends and then winter is a wrap. Chipper and the boys head up to the Tele Fest at Mad River Glen in Vermont next weekend. But the snow will still be fun and hopefully we will get corn conditions for god-like tele turns and good morning skating. I'm looking forward to the staff party with guest chefs, Scott and Kyle Wiener who are doing South Indian cuisine on the 21st.

The skiing was really good again this weekend. Its still mind blowing that the snow pack is 3 ft at my house at 3700ft and then up to a foot more above 4, 000ft. That 3 ft is equivalent to almost 10 inches of rain. There is worry about the upcoming warm weather and rain that it will cause flooding in lower elevations. I hope its a slow melt. Its going to be an epic boating season as well.

Heading out for a nooner ride...


  1. what a winter! what an awesome, fun and sometimes moody crew at wg! ;)

  2. Hey,

    I know that fiddle player and banjo picker. Andy and Greta are very talented. I for one am glad ski season is over. Riding bikes is way more fun, for me anyway.