Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March madness

How can people think about biking, basketball and even 'The Bachelor' when there is snow much more skiing to be done. I know I can't. I'm still dreaming about skiing and itching for more ski time on the snow. Kyle asked me today, How the snow at White Grass was handling the warm weather. Its hard to explain to someone who lives in Harrisonburg, that it isn't warm in Canaan and its still snowing there. But you can't fault him. Humans like warm weather and sunny days. Its in our DNA. And there is absolutely no stopping mother nature's forward push into spring. Here in Harrisonburg, my tulips and crocus are coming up. College kids are walking to class in shorts. Before we know it the grass will green and we will be in the corn fields.

But this past weekend was full on winter. Rt 32 between Davis and Harman was closed all day, even White Grass was closed. The kids in Tucker county have barely gone to school all winter. According to my neighbor, Dave, there has only been 11 days since Dec 1 above 40 degrees with the high in december being 48. And even when we had that high , there was still snow on the ground. That makes 3 solid months with snow on the ground at 4,000ft. There is still 60 inches at that elevation. Everything looks like a glade and nothing is too steep.

Friday, I had the pleasure of getting faceshots all day! That is when the powder snow hits you in the face as you make a turn. Keep it clean. Curtis, Ian and I shredded the Dial Down 6 times. I was pooped and happy eating homemade food with some of the members of the Canaan Heights Collective. The next day, I got to work at White Grass. I have to say how happy I am when people come out and "use" the snow. There is nothing worse than having all that snow to be enjoyed and have people stay at home and wait for spring. Skiing is a joy that should be shared. Sunday was really nice snow for the women's ski day. We had a really nice group of women who were into learning and laughing. Later I did a night ski for the full moon with some staffski. We gladed out in Double Trouble woods, Sawmill, Plum Orchard and then barn runs. Burritos at Hellbenders was the end to a perfect day.

Monday, I got to ski with Carp on Dial Down, BladeRunner, Stonecoal Steeps, Weiss Woods and Sauna Hollow. Skiing through the trees is the best.

Now today, feeling a little post powder let down. My leg is hurting me,too. I guess its the barametric pressure change. Will it ever be solid again I can't help but to wonder. I also am wondering if I'm going to find the motivation to do some bike racing this summer?


  1. I agree, Use the snow. I had a blast at White Grass this weekend thanks for the help.

  2. Good stuff Sue, thanks for the reminder -- I'm going to be distracted today thinking about snow. I wonder if there's any good ice-climbing out that way. All you ski bums have me wanting to get a cheap pair of cross-country skis to have on standby. I tried to get out on my mountain bike one night late during one of the snow-storms, but I didn't make it very far trying to pedal through 12" of snow. I'm wondering, should I look for standard non-backcountry, no-edge cross-country skis for tooling around the Burg, or is there a good-enough hybrid that would allow for telemark turns that wouldn't be too heavy. It's been ages since I've skied.