Saturday, August 29, 2009

Six Pack Downhill Season has started

And the winner of the first round was...Collindish! Yes, Collindish has shown his lightning speed this season on the road and on the dirt. He was 10 seconds faster than last year's invitational winner, Tim. Trevor was third. Whitney and I dominated the women's podium. I rode the death chute no problem and was singing the praises of my Turner once again.

High Knob trail was in great shape and is one of the steeper downhills around. There were just a couple of newbies and they gave it their all giving blood and licking pepperoni thongs in the parking lot. Chase broke his bike(bound to happen) and Basil of course flatted. Kyle had a stellar run on his performance hybrid.

The Party was fun on Rock st. and roll and a decent crew got up early to do trail work on Dowell's.

Moto ride tomorrow.

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