Monday, August 17, 2009

August riding in WV

Matt Smith, Churtle and I rode our bikes over to Canaan instead of doing the century ride out of Snowshoe. Sorry, I wanted to support the WV Cycling Foundation's effort, but in the end the free ride over to the icebox was really epic. We went over Shenandoah Mt on 33 West. Then through Fort Seebert over Siple mountain to Upper Tract. Then through the Smoke Hole to Rt 28/55. Then the big gigantic climb up Jordan Road and Forest Road 19 into the Dolly Sods. It was the road to Wilderness. The climb took about 1:30 and was pretty brutal. Churtle didn't have a compact so she was doing some power training. The road off of the Sods was also pretty brutal on a road bike. We spend the day out there...all day and the funny thing is that it was only 94 miles!

The the SBC crew had a bike shop gathering at the icebox. What a good group of people and riders they are. Tim and Whitney, being the compassionate people they are, walked their bikes all the way down Lindy and some of plantation trail with a lost doggie. It turned out the dog was 14 1/2 and deaf. It had been lost a day already. The amazing thing is we called the park to tell them and by the time the doggie(Brandy) got to the Lodge, the grateful owner was there.

We scarfed down some Sirianni's pizza and Glen Plake extreme garlic chips and then went out for a State Championship loop.

It was a great summer weekend.

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