Thursday, August 13, 2009

Riding Sweetly

Riding my new bike!

Wait didn't I just get a new bike this spring? Yes, its true. But now I have an even better one!

I finally got the new Turner Flux up and riding. It is still a four inch bike but has Dave Weagle's DW link, but it feels like a lot more fun travel. This is a really fun and amazing riding bike. I had some Kenda Nevegals on it for the last two rides, which gives it a real Super D and play riding feel to it. It gave me a good level of confidence the first downhill. To me, that is always a good sign. So I'm very curious to get some fast racey tires on before the Shenandoah 100 and climb some more with it. I believe it weights almost a 1/2 pound more than the old frame(which weighted the same as my 2008 top fuel frame). But the Sticky-E nevegals can make for some piggish smooth climbing, so I don't want to say if I feel the weight difference. I But, I really love my new Orange Crush!

Tim is out of town at Trek World, the Trek Dealers show checking out the latest stuff for SBC. Ruby was so cute last night thinking that he was coming home. Every sound that she heard she thought and hoped that it was Tim. She was a little sad that he is gone. I guess over the years she is used to me being gone , not him.

I got to ride at Massanutten yesterday which is usually not a pick in the middle of august because its too darn hot. But Chase and Foodles were heading out and I had to be witness to their filthy talk. I'm too prudish for their mouths, but its fun to hang with the boyz sometimes and hear other perspectives. Its great to see Chase out riding again after pulverizing his liver at Massanutten this summer. He's getting his Mojo back. And Foodles is loving his new Turner Sultan, which is the 29er Full suspension from Turner. He loves it, so I won't bust his bubble on how much better the DW link is. But he is happy, he just does wheelies and jumps the whole time.

Then today I got the privilege to ride with the Men's Leader of the Tour de Burg, who was also KOM the year before. It was hard keeping up with an almost pro, even on his easiest of ever days. He was plotting his every attack for the Shenandoah 100 as we rode Hanky, Dowell's, Bridge, Brawley, back up Dowell's to Dividing Ridge. He is going to destroy everyone, don't let his innocent friendly demeanor fool you. No pressure Fawley.

Nickyboy if you are reading this operation FM will work and indecision 09 will be ended.

Anyone doing the Cheat Mt. Challenge? 105 miles 10,000ft beautiful scenery.
6:12:00 PM by Susan Haywood

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  1. Sue glad your feeling good back on the bike again. I can't wait until our next long bike ride together. Kevin pushed me around the shootout today. It was fun. I am thinking about doing 24Hrs of Moab solo. Want to do it with me? Kevin is going to support.

    Can't wait to see you