Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Solstice

Its been a party week. I've put all the energy that used to go into training, into partying. We had the Shenanadoah Bicycle Company party that was catered by Indian American Cafe. It was so good and so much fun. Even though it was party mode. There were fun games to play like the Indo balance board and the paper bag game. We also went to the Blue Nile Christmas party and Kathy Byers's 50th. And then of course the Solstice Party at the Carpenters. I've gone to bed after 3 am 3 nights this week. Its fun, but exhausting and not sustainable.

I did get my but into the pool today. I really love swimming. I still have some Xterra dreams. It would be nice to have some kind of club to practice with because it can get pretty boring staring at the bottom of the pool.

Also, went to see my doctor. He said, "Let comfort be your guide" . He asked if I think about my leg all the time still and I said no. He said well its healing then. So I guess I have free reign to do whatever I want now as long as its comfortable. I wonder if TIm will interpret that as I can go nordic skiing? The doc did take an Xray, but it really doesn't look like the other ones. One view looks really healed up and then another looks like a big gap still. There was a different techie doing it so she did it a little different than the other one.

Tim, Ruby and I are going up to Delaware for Christmas. All of my family will be there, so it should be fun and loud.

Michael Browne at Trek finally let the riders know that there is not going to be a Trek/VW team next year. He hasn't made a press release, but it was pretty obvious he didn't want to talk about it to the press. Its just sad that after 12 years of great racing, something couldn't of worked out. But they decided to put their money towards a Euro team and a stacked Downhill team instead during these tough economic times. Lea, JB and Ross didn't have much notice that they weren't going to have jobs. But hopefully, they will find great sponsors so they can keep doing what they love. Like Lea said, its not a great time to be a bike racer.

Maybe its not a good time financially, but the competition keeps getting better and better. Its just the right time for a highly motivated and savy racer who can get to the big races on the cheap.

Is Katie Compton the most bad ass racer or what? I love to see her win and kick butt in Europe.


  1. Jolly Happy Merry Festivus to you, Tim Ruby and all the SBC and Burg crew.


  2. Sue - If you are interested in XTERRA at all I'd like to invite you to race XTERRA Portland, August 15th, 2009 in the Portland Oregon metro area.

    Email for more info. I'd love to see you there. If you have any interest email me and we will work something out.


    Robert Jackson
    Race Director::2009 XTERRA Portland
    Forest Grove, Oregon::Aug 15, 2009